Many Thanks to All of Our Veterans!

Happy Veterans Day!! My favorite holiday is Independence Day. I love the patriotism, the fireworks, the fun, the food, and the family. I look forward to it all year. But, a holiday that often goes far too unnoticed is Veterans Day. If it weren't for it and all the Veterans we celebrate, I'm sure the 4th of July wouldn't be nearly as incredible.

And, so this Veterans Day, I invite you and your kids to do something for a Veteran. Do you know a vet? If so, send them a card, make them cookies, give them a call and say "Thank you". Don't know one? You can easily make cards, letters, pictures and send them to a Vet that doesn't get as much support through

Or perhaps you can even do more. Have room in your heart for a pet? Volunteer to care for a soldier's pet while they are on duty. Or give blood to wounded soldiers.

Whatever we do, let's make sure we thank those who have made it possible to celebrate our independence we hold so dear!

Happy Veterans Day!! And THANK YOU to all those who have served.

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