Minute to Win It–Looks Who’s On TV!

Have you seen “Minute to Win It” on TV?  I actually haven’t (yet), as I hardly catch anything on TV, but that didn’t stop our family from having a blast with it at a recent family reunion.  Our fabulous organizer took all sorts of these challenges, divided our extended family up in teams that mixed ages and generations, and we battled it out with each other, finding many a hidden talent.  The challenges require just common household items.

I filmed a bunch of them and posted them on Youtube, and quite soon after, I received a message on my Youtube account from NBC asking me if they could use the footage on national TV!  Apparently, they are looking for these kinds of clips all the time, so if you’d like to get your family on national TV, put on your own Minute to Win It activity and post it on Youtube!

Some details: you need the permission of everyone in the videos and the owner of the property it is filmed on.  You have to read a lot of legalese.  They will let you know when your clip airs, and you get a free T-shirt!

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