Most Comfortable Sandal EVER!!

For years I have felt like I needed a foot massage at the end of the day. My sandals weren't painful or anything, and were made by well-known companies. But by the end of the day I'd find myself pushing against the soles of my feet.

Then came the Evil Sandals. Well, actually they started out pretty nice, but turned evil on me when the soles flattened out and each step was like stepping on a block of wood. My feet really ached and I knew I had to do something drastic.

For months I had been eyeing the advertisement for Sanuk yoga mat sandals at the store -- a photo of people dancing on yoga mats -- and imagining how good it would feel to walk on a yoga mat wherever I go.

So I finally "splurged" and bought the "expensive" sandals. Well, at least I thought I was going to splurg. It turned out they weren't even expensive; the price was relative to the sandals I had purchased previously! It was the best investment my feet have ever made!

The Sanuk yoga mat sandal has magic in its soles. I no longer feel the need to succor my soles at night, and even better, when I wear them, my feet feel like they've already been massaged. And they seem to get even more comfortable the more I wear them, so much that now I look forward to slipping them on.

I am telling everyone about these sandals, because, living in Hawaii, I have tried MANY different kinds of sandals, and I can tell you, from my experience, this is the Most Comfortable Sandal EVER!

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