Music Machine–for music reading review

Music Machine for learning review

We recently had a neighborhood Music Camp at our house and used the Math Machine as a Music Machine and made flashcards that review basic music symbols and notes. It was a craft that took a good amount of prep, like saving up of milk cartons and cutting and measuring cereal boxes. But it was great to use recycling, my leftover craft paints, and the kids were impressed with how it worked.

music camp--Music Machine for music reading review

A note on the paints: I tried an acrylic poster paint, and it flaked off of the packing tape, while the craft paint in the little bottles worked great.  Though if you really want to not see through the paint, you’ll need time to let it try and put another coat on.  I found the kids didn’t seem to mind seeing through the paint a little anyway.

You can use the links below to make your own “machines” and flashcards:

How to make a Math/Music Machine

Math Flashcards

Music Flashcards

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