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How many adults do you know who used to play the piano when they were kids? How many adults do you know who wished they still could play the piano or another musical instrument? I've tried to pick up a new instrument as an adult, and it's much harder than when I was a kid! Not to mention the fact that 30 min. a day now is much harder to find than it was back then.

Encourage a young musician. Find a concert or recital to take them to. Dust off your old instrument and let them see you give it another try. Show them that playing the piano is fun and cool (really, the older they get, the more others will admire them for it.) Maybe this video of Jon Schmidt will be inspiring.

Or this one. This is my son playing a song by Jon Schmidt called Road Trip. He also made the video. (Remember as you listen, mistakes are as much a part of the learning process as practicing is!)

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My name is Sunny, and my husband and I have five "children" ages 19 to 4. I love learning. I have a M.F.A. in Humanities and dream about going back to school some day. I run around doing "mom" stuff, try to put a nutritious dinner on the table for whomever shows up, and I thrive on creative projects when possible. Mostly I strive to just keep up with the mountains and mole hills of day to day life.
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  1. Kami Murset says:

    Lately I have actually been trying to learn the piano \again\ and yes it’s much harder now. But, you’re right it makes such an impression on our children. My 13 year old son came to me last night (everyday my kids tell me why they love me, it’s on their chore chart 🙂 ) and he said, \Mom I love that you not only tell us to practice, but you practice too.\ It made me realize it’s much easier for our children to listen when they know we’re willing to do whatever it is we’re asking.

    Great post! Thank you!

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