Quick and Easy Dipping Caramel

If you haven’t read about them yet, Cheri’s “Caramel Apples” posted on October 5th are both delectable and gorgeous. Definitely worth your time if you’ve got it.

But, I never seem to have much time or patience for gorgeous food. So, if you’re like me and you’re looking for a quick way for a great snack, then this recipe is for you!

It’s always about this time of year that apples are showing up in abundance. My neighbors and friends are constantly bringing me bushels from their apple trees and the stores are having grand “Apple-O-Ramas” as our local market calls it. Now, I’d love to say that apples on their own are a good enough treat, but there’s something about caramel and apples together that just can’t be beat. So, if the apples are multiplying but not getting eaten fast enough, try this simple, but oh-so-yummy treat.

It’s so simple that there’s only one ingredient: Sweetened Condensed Milk. That’s it. Buy as many cans as you’d like. Once you make the caramel, it remains shelf stable, so you can make a batch and have several cans of caramel on the shelf for quick after school snacks or appetizers at a class Halloween Party, etc.

First, remove paper from cans. Place cans in a large cooking pot. Cans should have plenty of space between them. Usually about 4-5 is good in a large pan. Fill pan with water until approximately 3/4 of each can is covered in water. COVER PAN! Bring water to a boil over high heat. When water is boiling, reduce heat and continue to cook at a low simmer for 4 hours. IMPORTANT: Check the water level often and always keep a lid on the pan. I learned from personal and very messy experience that when the water evaporates completely, the cans will explode, leaving about a 15 foot radius of hot caramel. Don’t make this mistake!

When the 4 hours are up, carefully remove the cans from the hot water. Cool on the counter. Store unopened cans on shelf. When ready to serve, simply open a can and pour into a serving dish. Voila! Perfect caramel dip for pretzels, apples, or whatever your imagination can come up with!

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2 Responses to Quick and Easy Dipping Caramel

  1. Sunny says:

    Is this the same thing as dulce de leche? I love that you can make it, and then put it back on the shelf still in the unopened can.

  2. Molly says:

    Wait, seriously? That doesn’t even sound real! I have to try it now… Amazing.

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