Ring in Peace

Ring in peace — literally.

I gifted myself early this year with these seemingly magical chimes. Called ZENERGY chimes, these chimes are so well crafted that the tone resonates with perfect clarity and seem to have the effect of cleansing the soul.


Woodstock Percussion ZENERGY3 Zenergy Chime, Trio Percussion Instrument

When I feel uptight or need a “me moment”, I close my eyes, take some deep breaths, and tap the chimes. I feel revitalized and relaxed — shall I say, ZENergized?

So then I had an idea: I’ve been wanting to teach my children about having inner peace and enjoying silence. I also wanted them to feel peaceful as they went to sleep. I wondered if these chimes could help. So one night, right before they closed their eyes, I played the chimes and told them to breath deeply as I did. They LOVED it.

Now, they request (more like demand) that the chimes are played each night. My four year old even asks me to play “just one more chime” because she “couldn’t hear one of them so well.” I have also used these chimes when one of my children are upset or frustrated and it has the effect of calming them down and helping them focus.

I’m telling you, this isn’t just for mystics or people who do yoga on a daily basis. This ought to be at the bedside of every mother. It’s inexpensive too — on Amazon it’s only $20.97 for the three chimes. If you want increased peace in your home, this is a must.

Enjoy the peace.

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  2. Sunny says:

    That bedtime routine sounds awesome. We’ve been putting on a CD for years, and while it can be nice, I’m afraid my kids don’t know how to go to sleep to silence anymore.

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