Save the Socks!

For years now, I've been baffled by one single phenomenon...the case of the lost socks. Week after week I set aside a pile of socks who have sadly lost their mate in yet another tragic laundry day disaster. I don't know where the socks go. I always assume that, with time, they'll show up. But, alas, my pile grows larger and far too often, their mates never come back.

Well, last week, I had an idea that I think will save the socks. I pass it on to you so you, too can end the madness in your house (since I'm assuming that there are lots of us suffering from this same loss). I went to the store and bought lingerie laundry bags for less than a dollar each. Then, I hung one up in each bedroom by the kids' laundry baskets. The kids put dirty socks in their bags and dirty clothes in the basket. Now, on laundry day, I just throw in the bags with the laundry and so far, not a single sock has lost their mate!

So today I invite you to join me in my campaign to "Save the Socks". If nothing more, it will at least buy you back a bucket, a shelf, or a box that is currently housing your collection of lonely socks.

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