Saving the Back of Trampoline Owners

I'm hoping this will apply to those who don't live in Denver. But, I know it'll help out those who live nearby. Here in Denver, our winters are beautiful. We get snow, but it only lasts for a few days before warmer weather comes, melting the snow and making outside play enjoyable.

Last year, we got a trampoline for Christmas. Unable to imagine making the kids wait until summer to enjoy their gift, we set it up on Christmas day. They loved it. But, a week later, the snow came. Should we take it down? Since that's an ordeal in and of itself, we opted to leave it up and simply sweep the snow off. What a task! It took forever and left our backs aching, but the weather warmed up and the kids were back on the tramp for a couple of weeks before we did it again. As we watched them play, we convinced ourselves it was worth it.

This year has been gorgeous. We just had our second snow storm and between storms temperatures have been in the 60s. We're so glad we left the tramp up. It beats taking it down and the kids still play on it. But, we finally learned how to save our backs and our time.

Supplies needed: A tarp. Yep, it's that simple. Buy the biggest tarp you can find for the size of your tramp. Place it on the tramp when you snow is coming. The snow will fill the tarp.

When the snow has stopped, simply, drag the tarp off of the tramp. Have a net? No problem. Just fold in the edges as best you can and pull the tarp through the opening. It will create a funnel type shape that will allow the snow to pour right off as you pull it out. It took me all of five minutes to clear the tramp today and no back pain!

So, if you're like me and you'd rather keep the tramp up, then go buy a cheap tarp from Walmart and save yourself a trip to the chiropractor! Happy Jumping!

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