School Lunch Box Jokes & Notes

The First Day of School is just around the corner for so many of us and with that it means, School Lunches.

Lunch Box Jokes and Love Notes are such a fun way to uplift your child in the middle of the day. I like to think that come lunchtime, I never know how his day may be going and a friendly note from home may be just the thing he needs to brighten his day, bring a smile to his face, and remind him that I care.

Instead of waiting to the last minute to scribble out a note as we run out the door, I pat myself on the bag in this area of preparation and got the notes done ahead of time this year! I made these Lunch Box Jokes and Love Notes and already have them printed, cut, and ready to slip into the lunch bag as needed.

Click here to Download
Lunch Box Jokes and Notes Printable

Click here to download this free printable of Jokes and Notes. There are 5 pages of jokes and 2 pages of blank notes. Print them in color, cut them out, write a few personal notes, and stick them in a baggie next to your lunch-making-station at home. When the stash is low, come back and print them again.

And as a side note, keep your eyes out along the grocery check-out lines and dollar-aisles at superstores and craft stores. I picked up these little gems at Michaels lately and love them, too!

They’re called LunchBox Love and are cards with positive and encouraging notes, jokes, and trivia to send off to school. You can get large sets off Amazon, or just keep your eyes out to buy them individually for a dollar or two each.

Making school lunches every day: To-Do
Making school lunches fun: Check.

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