Seize the Day–Live in the NOW

How many times in a day do you hear your kids say “In a minute!” or “I will!” or “just a sec!”? How does it make you feel? Frustrated? Annoyed? Angry?

My girls have been listening to a wonderful series of CDs called “Standin’ Tall” that focuses on 12 different values, including honesty, forgiveness, gratitude, love, service, among many others. One of their favorites is “Dependability”. In this story, they learn about what it means to be dependable, as well as what happens when you are NOT dependable. One of the songs on the CD is called “In a Minute.” The first verse goes like this:

“In a minute, in a while, I will do it with a smile. Just a second, I’ll get to it. When the commercial comes, I’ll jump right up and do it. Not right now; I’m too tired. But tomorrow I’ll be inspired. Then I’ll do it, never fear it. That sounds easy, ’cause tomorrow isn’t here yet.”

Hearing this CD over and over and over has made me think. How many times in a day do your kids hear you say “In a minute!” or “I will!” or “just a sec!”? I know for my kids, they hear it several times a day. What could I possibly be doing that is so much more important than my kids? I’m not saying I should be playing with them every second of the day, but when they are SO excited to show me something and yell down the stairs “Mom! Come see what I did!” how sad is it when I respond with “In a minute!”

My goal for this month is to live more in the moment with my kids. To experience their joys and excitements when they ask me to, to put down what I am doing (which usually isn’t that important) and share in that joy and excitement. I know that the day is not far distant when they might stop asking me to be apart of their play, their excitement. My chance to “do it tomorrow” will be gone. So, as long as they want my kisses, my cheers, my snuggles, I plan on giving it to them. Today.

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2 Responses to Seize the Day–Live in the NOW

  1. Molly says:

    Great post! I’ve been trying really hard lately to listen to the promptings in my head that say, “Quit organizing that shelf and play with Graham” or “Do the dishes after Liam is in bed. Pick him up now.” The promptings have been getting stronger and stronger the more I actually listen to them. Funny how that works, huh? 😉

  2. Sunny says:

    Though if you really DO come in a minute, that’s pretty good.

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