Snores Be Gone!

My husband is a snorer. Always has been. But, alas, I think I have finally found a way that he does not always have to be one. A few weeks ago, a friend introduced me to an essential oil called "Breathe" made by DoTerra, with the encouragement that it would solve my husband's snoring problem.

Reluctant, but willing to try anything (I'm 5 months pregnant and not getting much sleep these days), I decided to try it out. I was shocked! With just one drop of the oil on his cheek bones, he didn't snore at all that night. Sadly, I still found myself waking up due to the unexpected silence! I'd check to make sure he was still alive and breathing and rest assured, I'd go back to sleep.

Night 2: I didn't wake up once! Not a single moment of snoring!

Night 3: After waking up to help my son, I came back to bed surprised to hear a very faint snore coming from my husband. But, it lasted less than a minute and then disappeared again. I tucked back into bed and wasn't awakened again!

Night 4: Success again! Ahhhh the joys of sleep!

Night 5: You get the picture.

So, here's what I know about essential oils, though I'm just barely learning about them and their benefits. First, an essentail oil are oils are extracted from plants and can be 50-70 times more powerful than herbs. They have all sorts of medicinal properties and benefits, each one having its own special property. For example, Lavender has long been known to heal burns and cuts, help with insomnia, reduce stress, and work as an antihistamine (for allergies). Peppermint is great for nausea and digestive issues, can help reduce fever and can increase alertness and focus. The list goes on and on.

Basically, you can either diffuse the oils into the air or apply them topically or even, in some cases, take them internally, depending on the desired effect you want from them. I still have much to learn and am certainly not the expert, but it has peaked my interest greatly. I'm very curious about other experiences people have had, so if you use essential oils or know more, please comment and let me know!

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8 Responses to Snores Be Gone!

  1. KC says:

    Laughing…! I’m in bed on my laptop and it’s late 11:41p…however it’s my quiet time and my dear hubby is snoring a concert! I just started studying the oils and have the essentials in my purse… and I’m sure that Breathe may help but decided to Google “doterra snoring” and this blog came up… So… I took the Breathe out, put a drop on my finger, reached over to hubby and touched it up his cheek bone softly. He didn’t move, BUT… HE STOPPED SNORING!!! Gotta love it! Instant results…!!! To those who laugh at oils… well… we love em and you will too, once you give it a try.

    • Janae says:

      So glad you can get better sleep now!! Yes, you’ve gotta love the results and luckily there’s no harm in trying it out! To many more sleepful nights…

  2. Brynn Steimle says:

    Janae, do you dilute the oil first, or does he just apply it straight from the bottle. Thanks!

    • Janae says:

      Yes, I do dilute the oil in fractionated coconut oil, about 4 parts coconut oil to 1 part breather. Works like a charm!

  3. carla says:

    Hooray for doTERRA essential oils! I’m so glad you found the Breathe blend and that worked for the snoring. I’ve heard that from many other people too. We use doTERRA oils and love them! They are fantastic. And it’s great to have a natural, safe option to try before needing to try medications that cause side effects. Keep exploring other oils from doTERRA. You’ll find great things!

  4. Kami Murset says:

    I use Fysical Thera P by forevergreen on my legs at night. I’ve had leg cramps since I was a very young girl. Apparently it’s genetic, my Dad has them and I have a couple of kids that have them. Anyway there are times when I have had to take IB Profren to sleep at night, every night for weeks. It bothered me to be taking medicine for so long consecutively, but if I didn’t I couldn’t sleep through the pain. With the oil I just rub a couple drops on at night, it doesn’t take the pain away completely but it takes the edge of so I can sleep without taking anything.

    The only part I get skeptical on with the oils is that every brand seems to claim their oils are the only “pure” ones on the market. I don’t understand that. But, I know this one works for me? Like you I’m always up for trying something.

    • Summer Tenney says:


      I was hesitant about the exact same thing! Everyone says theirs is the only pure; how do you know? I found out that DoTERRA is the only company that has and outside source rigorously test every single batch of oils before they go out. They are the only company that can say that and there standards is equivalent to the FDA standards. That’s why I only use DoTERRA now! Because there is no regulation, anyone can say their oils are pure, and do!

      I have the same leg pains that you have, always have! I was adopted so I don’t know if my folks had it, but one of my daughters is starting to get it. Every night I had to have someone massage my legs and take IBprofen too. I found that DoTerra makes an oil blend called Past Tense and it actually gets completely rid of the pain for me. I was amazed! Nothing had helped me like that before and that quickly!

      I love essential oils and I would recommend them to anyone, just go with a company that can prove there oils are pure not say they are pure.

    • hannah says:

      you’ll get a blah blah blah answer if you ask a doTERRA person that question. hah. It’ sa little like religion– only “their oil is the pure oil”
      But seriously. I use doTERRA and I use other oils. Some of the doTERRA oils are better quality and it is obvious they are pure oils.
      But I have found other companies that also have excellent products. Sorry, but there are other excellent oils out there. It’s a little like dealing with zealots and it is all over-priced sadly. I live in WA, where doTERRA gets their peppermint from… so we are making our own 🙂
      The bottom line is doTERRA is a company that is profit driven. They do some generous things like “free product of the month if you order x amount product value every month” I think that’s dandy! But, they are in it primarily to make money, so all their holier than all other oils talk is , we must remember, based on that.
      If you remember that, then you can go forth and use their and other oils happily 🙂

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