Soft Soap Customized For A Small Gift

Looking for a small gift for a teacher or other person you care about? Do you like a personal touch, but not able to spend a lot of time? Here's an idea for something useful and unique: customized soft soap.

customized soft soap in use

Here are some simple instructions and printouts. We found that the labels on the Walmart bottles came off the easiest, and this post has a template for you for that size, but you can figure out other bottles as well.

Equate brand soft soap from Walmart


Print off this page in Adobe format if you don't want to bother with making any changes. It has six images all like what you see below. (This page does not have cutting guides, but you can measure so that each rectangle is about 2 5/8 inches wide and 3 inches high and you leave about 3/4 inches blank at the bottom.)

pdf template

Or if you want to put in your own changes, you can download this zipped template in Microsoft Publisher format. (Note: if you don't have the same fonts on your computer as I do, you will get a message from Microsoft Publisher asking you to substitute fonts. Go ahead and choose their substitute suggestion and then modify as needed once the file opens.)

Here is a page of blanks (Adobe format or download this zipped template in Microsoft Publisher format) that you can fill in how you like or your child can draw a picture in for an extra personal touch. Just remember that the bottom 3/4 inches should be left blank for the image to be centered in the bottle correctly.

Take your printed page to a copy store, and have them copy it onto a transparency sheet. I have heard that if you print it onto the transparency yourself, even on a laser printer, the ink will come off in the soap. I haven't tried it myself.

Carefully peel off both the front and back labels. The front is made to remove, but the back is a bit harder and leaves a sticker residue.

Peel off the front and back labels

Use a solvent like GooGone or Elmer's Sticky Out to remove any stickiness. (I tried Goof-Off also, but it left a residue and I then used Sticky Out to remove that.) It's more effective if you let it sit a few minutes before wiping and rinsing off. It is easiest and safest to do this all right in the sink.

Use GooGone or Sticky Out to remove adhesive from the labels

Cut out your rectangles, cutting just inside the lines.

Cut out the plastic rectangle cutting inside the line

Roll up your little plastic art, and insert it into your bottle. You can use the straw of the pump to help get it in place.

Roll up the plastic and insert it into the bottle

The straw of the pump should end up behind the plastic rectangle when you are done.

Finished examples of customized soft soap

Since six images fit on each page and I didn't have all the spaces filled in with gifts for teachers, etc., I made one for the guest bathroom--personalized for our favorite guests.

customized Soap for guest bathroom

Add a ribbon or other embellishment and you're done.

Final product with ribbon

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  1. Cheri says:

    I LOVE this idea!!! I’ve got to run out and buy soap now! What’s the price for printing on transparency sheets?

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