Stand up Paddle This Summer!

There's a fun new sport for your whole family to try this summer -- stand up paddling!

Chances are by now you have heard about stand up paddling. It seems to be the fad article in magazines, highlighting the celebrities who have taken up the sport. I'm no celebrity, but as a stand up paddle school owner, I am a big fan of the sport. I'll tell you, it's definitely worth your while to get out there and hop on a board. It is awesome how many people take a stand up paddle lesson and fall in love with it.

Don't live near the ocean? No problem.

Because of the nature of the sport, you do not have to live near the ocean to go stand up paddling. Any type of waterway will work, from rivers to lakes. Do you live near a river or a lake? Then there just may be a stand up paddle school or rental company near you! Check for locations near you online -- you just may be surprised. Now you can even get an inflatable board, making it easy for traveling (they roll up to the size of a sleeping bag)

Stand up paddling is so super fun for the whole family. One of my favorite things about stand up paddling is it is fun for mom and dad and the kids. Everyone has fun, and you can all do it at the same time. Unlike other sports that are more suitable for the parents, or more suitable for children, this is one sport that everyone can enjoy -- together. Young kids to grandpas are able to stand on a board and cruise. In fact, usually the kids have an easier time standing on a board than their parental counterparts! Our six and seven year old children paddle on their own, and our younger child hangs out on our boards for a free ride. Dog owners even take their dogs out for a ride!

Our oldest having fun on a stand up paddle board

I highly recommend proper instruction as you head out. You'll save yourself frustration and sore muscles from poor technique. If Hawaii is in your summer plans, be sure to look us up --

Another option is to buy the book on the sport --

The Stand Up Paddle Book: The Complete Stand Up Paddle Surf Guide from Window Shopping to Catching Your First Waves

However you choose to get out and paddle, if you find yourself near a body of water this summer, go stand up paddling!

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  1. Sunny says:

    My one time on a stand up paddle board sure left me wanting more! (Except perhaps the fact that I couldn’t hide the way I looked in my bathing suit by being underwater–but even that was out”weighed” by how much fun it was.) I wonder how long it would take me to paddle to Hawaii from Denver . . .

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