Summer Piano (or any instrument) Program

My kids take piano lessons and I teach piano lessons. But, as our school year is coming to a close, all of us are becoming less motivated to have piano lessons over the summer. Together, we came up with a great solution: A Summer Piano Program copied from the library’s Summer Reading Program.

Both my students and my kids are going to use this program over the summer instead of formal piano lessons. Here’s how it works.

Each child will independently choose a song they want to learn. They can choose from books or the internet (Check out this link for a great website with free sheet music for all levels and lots of different instruments). When they feel like they’ve mastered that song, they ask their parent to listen to it and sign it off for them. Once they’ve passed, they write the name of the song they learned on one of the 10 white keys on the piano chart. Once they’ve filled in all 10 keys, they qualify for a reward.

You and the kids can come up with a fun reward. Maybe an outing to their favorite play area, bowling, a movie, pizza night, a pool party, or some other fun event would be enough to excite them. Or perhaps, a trip to the store for a prize at the end.

Since my kids seem really excited about this program, I’m trusting it will work to keep them practicing and keep their piano skills up while giving me the freedom of not having to stop my summer days to take my kids to piano. Hope it’s helpful for you!

For a printout of the Summer Program Chart, click here:

Summer Piano Program

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