Sunny’s Review of the Terry Top

Hey, I’m liking this even more than I thought I would.

I’ve been going through this “sick of all my junk and I don’t want more” phase, so I wasn’t excited about adding anything to my collection. And my towel racks were already full, so where to hang another damp towel? It turned out that the label on the Terry Top creates a loop, so the double hook on the back of the bathroom door that has always held just my robe, now holds my robe and my Terry Top. I know it's a small thing, but it made a difference in the count for one more thing to put away. Good Thinking, Terry Top! That's one concern solved!

I’m not much of a make-up mom, so I didn’t think the “holding your hair out of the way while you get ready” was going to be any asset either. But I do moisturize after my shower, and it has been great for that. And if you’ve ever done the head band thing while you wash your face and had to keep your chin up so your hair doesn’t fall over the head band and stick to your wet face, you’ll appreciate using a Terry Top instead. It holds your hair way back without having to put it up.

I’ve done the towel twist for years, and another thing I love about the Terry Top is that I can get dressed with it on because it’s small enough to easily get a shirt over without stretching the neck.

My daughter has particularly dry skin, and we have to faithfully lotion her up when she gets out of the bath. But if we weren’t really careful, her hair would pick up a little coconut oil (moisturizes great and absorbs quickly, but not as quickly as her wet hair can pick it up) off of her shoulders, and her newly washed hair would often be greasy before it was even dry! Grrr. The Terry Top takes care of that, too!

I got the zebra print, but I wanted to see how it compared with the solids, which were supposed to be a bit thicker. So I borrowed Janae’s Caribbean Blue Terry Top. It is noticeably thicker and fluffier than my print, but I didn’t notice a difference in effectiveness. The print is thinner and velvety soft on the outside, with the terry cloth on the inside. The solid color is terry on both sides. Even with the thicker solid it was easy to pull a crew neck over it. As fun as the colors are that they currently offer, I would like to have colors that are more like my bathroom—a taupe, sage, or sand.

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  1. Sharon says:

    I love this towel. Works great even with my long hair.

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