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Great Juvenile Books for Adults and Kids Alike

I love to read. To the point that I sometimes DON’T read simply because I know it can consume my time. However, in the last couple months, I’ve really gotten into some great books because my husband loves to read … Continue reading

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Beyond-the-Bunny Easter Baskets

Beyond the Bunny--What

What can you put in an Easter Basket that actually represents what you believe about the holiday? Because I consider my faith in Christ precious and an integral part of my every day life, I don’t like it when it’s … Continue reading

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Making a Reader out of your Child

I have 2 kids who absolutely LOVE to read. In fact, if you were to visit our house, you would hear at times (I’m sorry to admit), the following words coming out of my mouth, “Put the book down. It’s … Continue reading

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Great Children’s Books

We love the library.  Typically, we go to the library every 3 weeks, checking out about 100 books at a time.  Then we come home, squish on the couch all together and read about 20 before naps.  After naps, we … Continue reading

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