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Coconut Oil Follow Up–
includes chocolate so read on

I know I wrote about coconut oil before, but I had to add some things and change my opinion on other things because of what I’ve learned since. First of all, I have tried several different brands of coconut oil, … Continue reading

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Your Fortune in Chocolate

On a recent journey through a bag of Dove chocolates, I discovered two things. At least. First, they don’t call it a “throw down bag” on the coupon for nothing. Second, I realized my future ideal (income producing) job. I … Continue reading

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Amazing Chocolate Fudge Sauce

Several years ago, my dear friends let me taste some chocolate fudge sauce their son, Nick, had made. One bite and I was a believer! When they told me what was in it, however, I was REALLY surprised! Since then, … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Book Recommendation
“Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch”

somebody loves you mr. hatch book cover

Mr. Hatch is a lonely man who keeps to himself. But when he receives a rather large valentine from an anonymous admirer, he realizes that he is loved, and his view of himself and those around him changes. He feels … Continue reading

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Homemade Hot Chocolate

The leaves are falling, the nights are getting longer and the days are getting colder. It’s hot chocolate season!! I love hot chocolate season. I love cuddling up on the couch with a blanket and a steaming mug of hot … Continue reading

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S’mores Dessert Pizza

I love s’mores. I love pizza. I love s’mores pizza. Ever had it before? If not, don’t worry! Just because summer is ending doesn’t mean the great foods of summer need to wait until next year. I have a GREAT … Continue reading

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Summer Treats

Kids LOVE treats. They also LOVE to help make creative treats. The following are my top 10 treats for summer partly because many of them cool you off on a hot summer day and partly because most of them are … Continue reading

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Handmade Fudge

Keep little hands busy in this science experiment, squishing ingredients in a bag to make homemade fudge. Continue reading

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Chocolate Brulee

Have you noticed that all I have to post about is food related?  That’s probably because holidays=food to me.  Last night I made this incredibly easy and delicious dessert.  It is requiring all my willpower to not get up from … Continue reading

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Chocolate “Ginger” Bread House

My kids like the Gingerbread House tradition at Christmas time, but, along with my husband, most of them don’t really like the taste of gingerbread.  This puts a damper on the project, since we traditionally destroy and eat the house … Continue reading

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