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St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

I feel like I’ve been the Grinch of all holidays lately. I wish I did more to celebrate New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Groundhog Day…even my birthday. But I didn’t have the energy. However, when I saw this idea … Continue reading

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Olive Oil Lamps

olive oil lamp on Christmas Eve

A tradition our family has at Christmas is to light an oil lamp, with olive oil in it, similar to what we imagine they would have had in Christ’s time. We put it on our table for our Christmas Eve … Continue reading

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Snazzy Greeting Cards for 5 Cents Each

I miss the charm of days of yore. You know, the days when etiquette was taught in schools, where good manners were paramount, where people took the time to write thank-you cards for just about everything. I always intend to … Continue reading

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Diaper Envelope
DIY replacement for the diaper bag

Diaper Envelope for one diaper and some wipes

Sure, sometimes you need a hefty diaper bag, but sometimes you just want a diaper and wipes. And sometimes, you wish your diaper and wipes didn’t look so much like, well, a diaper and wipes. Or that your diaper, loose … Continue reading

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“Stick To It” Mini Goal Book Craft
plus free printable and a giveaway

stick to it book craft for tracking goals for 1 year

Have you made your goals for the New Year already? Are you serious about them? How many times have you been told that if you are going to stick to your goals, you have to actually write them down–not just … Continue reading

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Teachers Gifts #2: Candy Trains

As a kid, I loved to make candy trains for the holidays. It became a tradition in our home. This year, however, was the first year that my kids got to experience the holiday tradition. Why? Because I looked at … Continue reading

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Soft Soap Customized For A Small Gift

customized soft soap in use

Looking for a small gift for a teacher or other person you care about? Do you like a personal touch, but not able to spend a lot of time? Here’s an idea for something useful and unique: customized soft soap. … Continue reading

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Coloring Books + Organization = Happy Me

I think there’s a lot of value in coloring for kids. Sure, freehand coloring and drawing is EXTRA great, but even coloring in a good ol’ coloring book allows for expression, experimentation, creativity, and rule following. I have three budding … Continue reading

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Favorite Dress to Favorite Skirt

Does your daughter have a favorite dress that she has grown out of? Consider recycling it into her favorite skirt! When my daughter was 2 years old, she loved her “butterfly dress,” and it later became her little sister’s favorite … Continue reading

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Math Machine – a craft for elementary age kids

I was helping my daughter make one of these for her kindergarten teacher, and my husband suggested I do a post on it. My boys have made these for teachers and friend gifts before also. I had made one in … Continue reading

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