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I need some advice on frugal family international travel

Do you have international travel advice for a family?

My husband and I are finally realizing a long time dream! Both of us spent some time living out of the country before we were married and found it extremely beneficial. We wanted our children to have some of those … Continue reading

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A Good Reminder

celebrate differences strengthen families

I passed by the local junior high school and saw their marquee emblazoned with the words Celebrate Differences Create Balance Strengthen Community When I read them, I immediately changed the words and thereby changed the meaning: Celebrate Differences Create Balance … Continue reading

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Christmas Ornaments…A Walk Down Memory Lane

Christmas time is a time of so many great traditions. Some you keep. Some you adjust. And some you replace with new ones. Today I almost let one go. But, then, I saw it for all that it’s worth to … Continue reading

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And Here’s The Cinnamon Bear!

When we were children, one of my favorite traditions was gathering around the Christmas tree every night, starting on December 1st, to listen to our vinyl record of The Cinnamon Bear. I don’t know if my sisters were as enthralled … Continue reading

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Fabulous Family Fun

I love family. Not just mine but the entire concept of family. Despite all its craziness, it’s the perfect environment for growth. Where else can imperfect people learn the skills to become great? (patience, forgiveness, listening, understanding, compassion, selflessness, and … Continue reading

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A High School Grad
Don’t You Wish You Were ‘1 2 ?!

high school seniors walk onto field for graduation

I’ve been seeing that around lately. I can honestly say I do not wish I were a 2012 high school graduate, but I am really happy with the fact that I have one. Can you pick him out? That’s my … Continue reading

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The Week of Easter

Easter figurines with tomb, Resurrected Christ, Mary

To help our family think about the true meaning of Easter as it approached, my husband took the New Testament and listed the things that happened, starting on the Sunday before Easter until that day, including some scripture references. You may find this helpful as you reflect on the mission of the Savior this week. Continue reading

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AffirmFilms: A Wholesome Movie Source

I love wholesome, uplifting films. I love walking away from a movie feeling urged to be better, inspired by a true story and determined to better my life. Unfortunately, in today’s entourage of Hollywood films, it feels like very few … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve Traditions

Throughout my growing up years we had a plethora of traditions for Christmas Eve. My Mom did everything she could to make it a special, memorable experience. I loved Christmas Eve, almost even more than Christmas itself. Now, as a … Continue reading

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Older and Younger Kids

When I was a kid, I thought it was a little strange when I found out a friend of mine had older siblings that I didn’t even know about. They were married already. Later I thought that families that had … Continue reading

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