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Bedtime Math

Bedtime Math

I am a firm believer in reading, and a bedtime story is one of the highlights of the day. Lately we’ve been introduced to a website called Bedtime Math that has added a new delight to bedtime.  We signed up … Continue reading

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π Day! What’s for Dinner?

Pie or Pi day is March 14 (3.14) celebrate by eating pie!

A friend reminded me that pie day (that’s π day, 3.14, March 14) is coming up soon! Somehow I remember this holiday too late every year to actually make a pie for it. Even though it’s written plainly on my … Continue reading

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Families Who Play Together, _____________

Fill in the blank: Families Who Play Together, _____________ a. Stay Together b. Learn Math c. Both! If you answered “C”, you’re right! Heidi’s post a couple of weeks ago about Lazy Parenting really hit a cord with me and … Continue reading

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Math Machine – a craft for elementary age kids

I was helping my daughter make one of these for her kindergarten teacher, and my husband suggested I do a post on it. My boys have made these for teachers and friend gifts before also. I had made one in … Continue reading

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Learning Fun-Is it Possible?

My daughter, Laney, is 4.  Even though she will start kindegarten next fall, I have chosen to not put her in preschool this year.  I don’t know if its because I’m not ready for her to grow up, or if … Continue reading

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