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Christmas Ornaments…A Walk Down Memory Lane

Christmas time is a time of so many great traditions. Some you keep. Some you adjust. And some you replace with new ones. Today I almost let one go. But, then, I saw it for all that it’s worth to … Continue reading

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A High School Grad
Don’t You Wish You Were ‘1 2 ?!

high school seniors walk onto field for graduation

I’ve been seeing that around lately. I can honestly say I do not wish I were a 2012 high school graduate, but I am really happy with the fact that I have one. Can you pick him out? That’s my … Continue reading

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Older and Younger Kids

When I was a kid, I thought it was a little strange when I found out a friend of mine had older siblings that I didn’t even know about. They were married already. Later I thought that families that had … Continue reading

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Piano, Cello, Percussion, Innovation

How many adults do you know who used to play the piano when they were kids? How many adults do you know who wished they still could play the piano or another musical instrument? I’ve tried to pick up a … Continue reading

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T-Shirt Blankets

My kids have helped me develop a new blanket tradition in our family.  They loved their baby blankets, but eventually they grew out of them.  But do we ever grow out of enjoying a cozy blanket?  So now when they … Continue reading

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2 3/4

2 year old grin crop

Do you know a 2 year old?  When my first child was born, people told me that I would keep track of all kinds of data–the dates of his first smile, first tooth, sitting up, first word, etc. And there … Continue reading

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Slipping Through My Fingers

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’ve been thinking a lot about what matters most in my life.  Especially the people who matter most.  When my third daughter was born, I watched the movie “Mamma Mia” in the … Continue reading

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Adventure Mom

Ahh…see that smile on my face?  That’s a genuine smile.  I love my family.  I love the 4th of July.  I love the beach.  I love ice-cream.  And the day this picture was taken, I was getting the combination of … Continue reading

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