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book: Mitten Strings for God

alarm on phone reminds me to breathe

My dear sister-in-law gave me a book a while ago titled Mitten Strings for God: Reflections for Mothers in a Hurry by Katrina Kenison. Being almost as busy as you are, I’ve been reading small bites of the book, which it is conveniently divided into with it’s 2 and 4 page chapters.

One of the chapters is titled “Breathing”. Katrina reflects on the benefits of taking a little more time for just breathing and her experiences focusing on taking deep breaths to calm down or with her children. Good stuff. Reminds me of Heidi’s post about the calming effect of her new chimes.

In my effort to be more efficient, I think I’ve cut my breaths in half and live on high anxiety much of the time. I can’t add a bunch of goals and new ideals to my plate right now, but I thought I could take a moment for, and would benefit from, an occasional deep breath.

So I scheduled it on my phone as an alarm. Now every day a notification pops up that simply says “Breathe.” So at least I get one deep breath in each day. Hey, it’s progress, believe me. It’s doable, and a goal that decreases, rather than increases, my stress. I bet you could squeeze one in too, if you could remember.

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