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I recently attended a dental event with my husband (he’s fourth from the left in the photo below!), who does internet marketing for dentists and other professionals.  The event was for an amazing organization of dentists called the Crown Council.  Their motto is “Where the best dental teams unite and give”.  (The award’s night had a 20’s theme, thus the hats and boa borrowed from some dental assistant–these dental practices work hard but have fun too!)

They do a lot a great things, and one of them is that from March to June each year, they donate their time and one of their partners donates the materials, and all the money they earn from teeth whitening is donated to children’s charities.  They call it Smiles for Life. 100% of the profits are donated. The office itself chooses a local charity that gets half, and the other half is pooled together with the other participating offices for a larger cause.

Since 1987, they have earned over $27 million that has all been donated to charities such as the Children’s Miracle Network and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  (You can get a full list from their website.)

(In this video when they say, “this page”, it’s not this page, but the facebook and dental pages that this video is used on.)

If you are interested in learning more or entering the drawing for free teeth whitening by adding Smiles for Life to your Facebook causes, you can go to the Crown Council Facebook page where it’s all set up and ready to click on.

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