Ten Powerful Phrases

This month, my life has been touched by a simple but profound book:


I have met Rich DeVos and have been touched by his sincerity, his powerful influence for good, and his ability to make everyone around him feel important.  He’s the kind of person I hope to become.  Naturally, I was drawn to his advice in this book.

He lists 10 phrases that will help each of us become more positive if we can embrace them and say them often:

I’m Wrong…….I’m Sorry………You Can Do It……..I Believe In You……..I’m Proud of You…………Thank You………….I Need You…………I Trust You……….I Love you

They seem so simple and obvious, but as I read his words, I realized that far too often I fail to use these phrases.  I may realize I’m wrong, but do I actually go to the person I’ve offended and admit it?  I know I need my garbage man, but have I taken the time to stand outside and wait for him just to let him know?  I’m grateful for all the joy my children bring into my life, but do I let them know?  I believe in my children’s teachers, but do I write them a note letting them know how I feel?

All too often the answer is no.  So, today, my family and I are setting a goal.  For three weeks, we will pick one of the 10 phrases to practice.  Why three weeks?  Because three weeks is how long it takes to make a habit.  When we’ve mastered one, we’ll move on to the next.  Not only do I need the practice, but I’m convinced that if I can help my kids master these 10 phrases in their youth, they will become incredible forces for good in this world.

And so today, I start with you.  First, thank you.  Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and leave your insights.  I am so uplifted by what you have to share.  I need your insight in my life.  We’re all moms and wives out there, making a huge difference.  But, we’re also faced with huge struggles.  I need to feel that we’re all in this together.  I need to learn from you.  Thank you for sharing with me and lifting my life so I in turn can share with you.  Keep it up!

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  2. Katie says:

    I see an FHE about these phrases in my family’s future. Thank You:)!

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