The Ghost Family’s Halloween Safety Rules

Last year I found this poem to help teach Halloween Safety Rules to my kids. This year I revamped it, rewrote some of it, and all in all, had a lot of fun with it with my kids. Here's hoping you omight be able to use this in preparation for YOUR Halloween! (original source here).

First, you'll need to print out 6 white ghosts, and 6 ghosts of different colors (red, blue, orange, green, yellow, and pink) for a total of 12 ghosts. I've printed mine on those colored papers, though you could also just color them in, too. Here's a template for the ghosts.

The Ghost Family’s
Halloween Safety Rules

-adapted from original by Kerri

One Halloween, in the dark of night,
Six little ghosts "booed" in fright.
This family of ghosts had the Halloween spirit;
They learned the "Halloween safety rules"
For you to hear it.

What were the safety rules?
They all said together,
"We’ll practice them tonight
no matter what the weather!"

(Show white ghosts 1-6 as you say each rule.)

Rule #1 Go with a friend,
Someone who stays with you until the very end.

Rule #2 Never talk to a stranger;
You’ll never know where there is danger.

Rule #3 When you go trick or treating, watch the traffic.
With this rule I can’t be more graphic.

Rule #4 Go trick or treating like a pro,
Only go to the houses of people you know.

Rule #5 Remember your manners, say thank you and please.
This will put your neighbors at ease.

Rule #6 Is a rule that can’t be beat.
Look at your treats before you eat.

This family of ghosts will stay all white,
If they follow the rules and choose the right.
But if they forget a rule or eat something they shouldn’t
They knew what would happen and they really just couldn’t.

Ghost #1 had lots of family and friends
That would stay close by him until the end
Of Trick or Treating, just to be safe.
If he strayed from the group he’d turn red in the face.
(Place red ghost atop Ghost #1)

Ghost #2 wanted to be friendly
But talking to strangers could be deadly.
If a stranger approached him, he knew just what to do.
He’d call for his mama, or else he’d turn blue.
(Place blue ghost atop Ghost #2.)

Ghost #3 wanted to stay white all night,
So he really wanted to choose the right.
He looked at the traffic and watched the cars on the scene,
He crossed the street carefully so as not to turn green.
(Place green ghost atop Ghost #3.)

Ghost #4 looked for lights that were on.
If the lights were all off it meant the people were gone.
He only went to houses of people he knew
Otherwise he’d have a nice yellow hue.
(Place yellow ghost atop Ghost #4.)

Ghost #5 knew it would be rude,
to not use his manners would just be plain crude.
If he didn’t say “Thank You” when given his candy,
Orange he’d turn, quick and dandy.
(Place orange ghost atop Ghost #5.)

Ghost #6 stayed white all night.
He obeyed all the rules, without giving a fright.
But when counting his candy he forgot to think.
He didn’t let his Mom check, so he turned bright pink.
(Place pink ghost atop Ghost #6.)

These little ghosts want to do what is right
So they have fun and are safe on Halloween night.
They will stay with their group and not talk to strangers
They’ll watch for cars and other things that could be danger.

If you obey these Safety Rules,
You sure will be glad.
It will make trick-or-treating
The most fun you’ve had.

And some tips for the parents:

  1. Tie a helium balloon to your child's wrist. It's easy to identify your kids in a group at the door or when they run ahead when you see those balloons up high.
  2. Put your cell phone number on your child's back with a name tag sticker just in case she gets separated.
  3. Think about lightening up your child's costumes with Glow sticks and Glow Bracelets so drivers can be aware of your little trick or treater.
  4. When answering the door for trick-or-treaters, it's safest for an adult to answer the door. Be cautious that strangers don't have too much access to your home and seeing what's inside.
  5. Tell your kids that Trick-or-Treating is about Collecting first, then sorting and eating after. This helps them to not be eating on the go which increases the risk of choking.

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    Can you remind me about this in a year when I can teach Graham? Ha!

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