The Perfect Double Knot — won’t come undone, but easy to untie

Double knots, beware! Your very existence is being threatened by the writing of this post.

Moms, Runners, Kids, Individuals of all ages who wear shoes and have suffered through unpicking a stubborn double knot to get your shoes off: This post is for you.

There is an incredible way to tie your shoes so that the laces do not come undone (like the double knot) but untie easily (unlike the double knot). Until college, I never knew there was another way to tie shoes. And ever since then, this way has become my one and only way to tie shoes, that I forget that not everyone has learned it yet. Try it. It might just change your life.

1. First, the tie starts off like normal…take one lace in each hand.

2. Make a knot, just like normal, but don’t pull it tight yet.

3. Before pulling the knot down, take the string on your right and loop it through one more time.

4. Now pull it down.

5. Start making your bow, like normal, but don’t pull it tight.

6. Just like with the knot, take the right loop and string. Hold them together and wrap them both through the knot one more time.

7. Pull tight!


And then to untie, just pull the strings and it comes out like a simple bow!

For you visual learners, here’s a video tutorial.

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