The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Husbands are great. Fathers are wonderful. But when it comes to gift giving, well, some need a little more help than others. And if your hubby falls into this category for Mother’s Day, we’re here to help.

I want every mom to have this hanging in her home: a painted hand print of her small children along with this adorable poem. It’s precious!

If you want us to send your hubby an email about this idea, leave us his name and email address, and we will be the little bird to tell him. Or if you’d prefer to keep your info private you can send an email to me at bloggingwithkerri {at} gmail {dot} com

Each email will be personally written, so if there’s something else you want us to say or kids’ names you want us to include, just let us know! The gist will be something like this:

“Dear John, We hear you love your wife a lot, and want to give her something for Mother’s Day to show her how much you care and love all the work she does for your family. A little bird told us this is something she will love.”

And, thanks to you readers, I’ve been asked to make a personalized template that I can email to those interested. If you’d like your child’s name to appear at the top, you can email me and tell me your child’s name and the color of font you like, and I’ll send you a pdf ready for you to print and stamp with their handprints 🙂

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