Too Many Mangos Book Review

Perusing books at book stores are a thing of the past, so it’s good to get reviews from others about really good books. And here is one of them. “Too Many Mangos” by Tammy Paikai is a story for children of all ages. True to Hawaiian story form, it contains a moral and a lesson for life in any circumstance.

Grandpa has too many mangos and asks his grandchildren to share the extra with neighbors. They leave with a wagon full of mangos, but return with a wagon full of various gifts as their neighbors share with them.

I love this book because it describes the generosity that is so prevalent in Hawaii, and the custom to give away any excess you may have to your friends or neighbors. The vibrant watercolors make the pictures “POP”, and pull the reader into a small Hawaiian village.

Most of all, it is a story that makes the joy of sharing easy to understand to children of any age. It is sure to be a loved book in your home.


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2 Responses to Too Many Mangos Book Review

  1. Heidi says:

    Thanks, Tauna! Love more book ideas.

  2. Tauna W. says:

    I love book reviews for kids books!! Thank you! I was thinking about some of the kids favorites (some of my favorite kids books don’t happen to be theirs right now) the other night that would be gift worthy and here’s two I came up with that we have–Pinkalicious and Iggy Peck Architect. Their awesome!

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