Treat Your Kids to a Spooky Halloween Dinner

Halloween is TOMORROW! (Sometimes just that reminder is enough to scare moms!) First of all, I want to add my cheer for Kerri’s great and charitable Trick or Treating idea. I’m definitely doing it this year.
Here’s a healthy way to SPOOK your kids before they leave for Trick or Treating. All these recipes are from Family Fun Magazine at I absolutely love this site for holiday recipe ideas, and perhaps you have read my previous post on how Family Fun magazine can alleviate the “I’m booo–oored!” whine. And here’s something that won’t scare you about these recipes: They’re healthy enough for dinner (well most of them!) Just click on the link below each picture to be guided directly to the recipe.
swamp juice halloween recipe photo 260 FF1009TOTMA01
Swamp Juice
squashed guts recipes photo 260x260 FF1011TRICKS A04
Squashed Guts
potato skin ghosts halloween recipe photo 260 FF1003PARTYA16
Potato Skin Ghosts
pizza mummies halloween recipe photo 260 FF1005ALMAA02
Pizza Mummies
night of the living bread recipes photo 260x260 FF1011TRICKS A06
Night of the Living Bread
gingerbread skeletons cookies halloween recipe photo 260 FF1010TRICKA02
Gingerbread Skeletons
edible eyeballs halloween recipe photo 260 FF1006PARTA14
Edible Eyeballs
cheese finger food halloween recipe photo 260 FF1005TRICKA09
Witches’ Fingers

Bon Apetite! Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah!!!!

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