Valentine Hair Clips–small DIY gift

diy valentine hair clip with feltI wanted to give several little girls a Valentine that didn’t involve sugar, but that they would like (which ruled out my sugarless prune brownies–I didn’t even like those. Don’t search for the post, you won’t find it).

diy valentine close up

I found lots of ideas on the web (for DIY Valentine crafts), but I preferred to keep it relatively simple and use what I had on hand. So this is what I made. They could be fancier, but I had to drawn the line somewhere if I was going to do it at all! I just hope those little girls do know I love them.

diy valentine felt stitched hearts

I cut hearts out of felt in three sizes, stacked them, and stitched them together with embroidery thread. Then I glued them onto hair clips (I actually went to the store for these, Hobby Lobby had several styles to choose from). I attached an extra piece of felt on the back for extra hold.

diy valentine hair clip backing

Then I made Valentine cards out of plain card stock, printed out and glued some colored paper on the front, and punched holes in the card to integrate the hair clip into the card.

diy valentines hair clips from felt

Happy Valentine’s Day! Spread the love.

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