Keeping Kids Hydrated

It’s summertime. The temperatures are rising, the sun is beating down, the kids are endlessly running and playing outdoors, and it is hot! It’s the perfect recipe for dehydration.

Generally, around this time of year, I am constantly washing cups that my kids have used to get drinks of water in throughout the day. Last year, I went for the paper cup idea, but found we were spending a lot of money in paper cups. My kids were only looking for a quick drink before they ran off again to play on the tramp or run in the sprinklers. On their next trip in, they grabbed a new cup and the cycle continued…

…Until I found a more efficient way to keep my kids hydrated. I bought a bunch of waterbottles, the kind with flip tops and straws (click here to see some examples). Then, I labeled each one with their names and handed them over to them. No more paper cups, no more endless dishwashing. And, since my kids can carry their water bottles with them, they are constantly drinking which means no more dehydration. Another problem solved.

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