What About…Last Minute Halloween Crafts?

It’s October 27th and there are just 4 more days until Halloween!  Are you searching for last minute activities to do with your kids?  I am!  I’ve perused other people’s blogs and other websites in search of some great ideas and thought I’d pass them along!

First, check out these awesome (and easy!) spiders!  Aren’t they awesome!  My friend made these with her family (sorry, no link to her blog) by painting foam balls, sticking in black pipe cleaners for legs, googly eyes or other eyes, and then pom poms of varying sizes for hats, noses, and mouths.  SO easy and cute!

Next, my absolute favorite blog (maybe ties with Make It and Love It), is Our Best Bites.  Check them out for an awesome post with about 25 different activities, recipes, and crafts for Halloween, including:

Mason Jar Lanterns

Mummy Dogs


And these gorgeous spider web cookies

I also loved this quick, easy idea for a mommy shirt when you just need to look festive but have NOTHING!  This idea comes from A Girl and A Glue Gun.  Simple and fun. 

My sister-in-law told me her sister gaver her a toilet paper pumpkin a few years ago and I was intrigued.  So I searched around and found a simple tutorial on Chocolate on My Cranium and whipped these up with my girls.  They LOVED it and it was SO fun!  And I love how they brighten up my bathroom!  Seriously took 5 minutes to make. 

My incredible sister, Kerri, suggested making paper mache pumpkins with my kids.  So over the course of a few days, we did.  They turned out lumpy and bumpy (that’s what you get with you have little ones doing the work!) but I have to say I love them.  I wish I had depressed the centers of the tops so they didn’t look like orange pears and they definitely need another coat of paint, but they were fun to do.  The kids loved them.  We just blew up a balloon and went to work.  The stems are cut tree branches from our back yard.

I know there’s a ton more out there, but at least this is a start!  What ideas do you have!?

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