Winter is Snow Much Fun — even inside!

When the kids want to play in the snow, but you’re just not in the mood to play the snowgear game — you know the one: 20 minutes getting the kids dressed in their snow gear, just for them to play outside for a few minutes until they have to come in to go potty, then redress, then come in because they want a drink, then redress, then come in because their hands are cold, then redress, then…

Let’s face it.  Sometimes going out to play in the snow just doesn’t seem worth it!

Enter Adventure Mom.  “Here kids.  You want to play in the snow?  Go ahead”:

Who says that “playing in the snow” has to happen outside?  I grabbed one big bowl of snow, gave them cars and cookie trays, and they went to town building snowmen, race tracks, and bridges.  Playing in the snow just got more accessible, everyone!

Now if we could find a way to make sledding an indoor sport.  Does sliding down the stairs in a pillowcase count?  I guess we’ll try that tomorrow.

And for more sensory ideas to do with your kids, we also love to make pudding and play with that on the kitchen table.  Make a batch, then give each child a spoonful right on the table or on cookie sheets.  Give them tools to manipulate, like spatulas, toothpicks, forks, and popsicle sticks.  Practice writing letters, numbers, and shapes in the pudding.  My kids love using cars and making the tire tracks.  This activity is finger-licking good.

Shaving Cream is also fun, but be careful!  Some creams can bleach clothing and aren’t safe for kids who can’t resist a taste test.

Not in the mood for all the ooey-goo?  Try colored rice (see previous post), bird seed, or dry beans.   All are so fun for kids to run their fingers through while practicing basic math concepts of measuring and pouring while tuning their fine motor skills.

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  1. Never A Dull Moment says:

    Hi Kerri,
    Thanks for these suggestions – I am a cold wimp so we don’t spend as much time outside as I think maybe we should. I will use these ideas for sure.
    But when we do go outside we love filling spray bottles with water and food coloring and painting on the snow!

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