Zen Ghosts, by Jon J. Muth–
a different picture book for Halloween

With beautiful watercolor illustrations and a ghostly tale that mysteriously finds itself leaving the story, Zen Ghosts is a Halloween book that delights children and their parents as well.

There’s nothing gory or scary in this Halloween book, but there is the unexplained and, of course, ghosts. There are questions without answers.

Author and illustrator Jon J. Muth has written two other wonderful books with the same characters: Zen Ties and Zen Shorts.

All of which I would recommend for any adult who reads to a child. At first I thought it would be too “deep” for my preschooler to enjoy, but clearly it passed the test. After all, Zen isn’t “deep” unless you make it so. In my world of constantly trying to figure everything out and solve impossible problems, I particularly enjoy that these books tell me it’s pointless to try to analyze the text and to just accept it for what it is: delightful.

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